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VISICS is the very latest and most innovative monitoring system in the safety industry. It has been developed by Mobile Shutdown System B.V. in The Netherlands in response to the large demands from corporations around the world in the various heavy industry markets, looking for increased safety levels at lower costs. The VISICS system has already generated excellent results and demonstrated its use in many major industrial turnaround projects worldwide.






Mobile data center and observation unit






Added value

The VISICS system delivers the following added value;

  • Cost reduction due to lower demand for man way guards without comprise.
  • Increases on both short-term and long-term safety levels.
  • Decreases response time and increases accuracy in case of an emergency.
  • Immediate detection of hazardous situations, allowing to act faster and more accurately.
  • Continuous overview of people present in the various confined spaces.
  • 24h evaluation/reporting possible, along with video material for added information and might provide evidence.
  • Monitored by our partners skilled operators, who are confined space professionals.

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